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"Aaradhyaa Dhanuka from Guwahati Becomes India's Youngest Honorary Doctorate Recipient"

Aaradhyaa Dhanuka, a 10-year-old girl from Guwahati, has recently become India's youngest honorary doctorate recipient. This remarkable achievement highlights her exceptional talents and dedication to both academics and athletics. Aaradhyaa has earned a UN Sports Doctorate, and her list of accolades includes several national awards.

Aaradhyaa's athletic prowess is particularly impressive in the world of hula hooping. She has set seven state records, three national records, and three world records in the sport, showcasing her outstanding skill and determination.

Known as the "Hula Hooping Girl of Assam," Aaradhyaa serves as an inspiration to others, demonstrating that age is no barrier to achieving greatness. Her story motivates young people to pursue excellence in their chosen fields and continue striving for their goals.

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