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"Assam Police Officers Save Mother and Child from Suicide in Uttar Pradesh"

Two Assam police officers, Kashyap Deka and Indeshwar Medhi, displayed remarkable bravery during their election duty in Uttar Pradesh. The officers saved a distressed mother and her child from an attempted suicide, showcasing their heroism and dedication to serving humanity


The incident occurred while Deka and Medhi were on duty in a village in Uttar Pradesh. They were patrolling the area when they noticed a commotion near a riverbank. On investigating, they found a woman, visibly distressed, holding her young child and threatening to jump into the water. The officers quickly sprang into action, approaching the woman with caution and empathy.

Through their calm demeanor and compassionate words, the officers managed to engage the woman in conversation. They listened to her troubles and fears, offering her emotional support and assurance. As they continued to talk to her, they inched closer, eventually taking hold of the woman and her child, pulling them back from the edge of the riverbank.

Their selfless and quick actions not only prevented a tragedy but also demonstrated their commitment to protecting and serving the community. The woman and her child were taken to safety and provided with the necessary support and counseling.

Kashyap Deka and Indeshwar Medhi's courageous intervention not only saved lives but also highlighted the bravery and dedication of law enforcement officers. Their heroic act serves as an example of the compassionate and selfless service provided by police officers across the country. The officers' prompt response and understanding of the situation underscore the importance of mental health awareness and the critical role law enforcement plays in supporting individuals in distress.

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