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Assam University Students' Union Calls for Removal of CUET UG Exam Requirement

On May 19, 2024, the Assam University Students' Union formally requested the National Testing Agency (NTA) to eliminate the CUET UG exam requirement for admissions. The union cited significant hardships faced by students due to the distant locations of exam centers. They argued that these logistical challenges create undue stress and financial burden, making it difficult for many prospective students to perform well or even attend the exams.

To address these concerns, the Students' Union proposed that admissions be based on previous academic performance rather than standardized test scores. They believe that this approach would not only alleviate the current burden on students but also promote a fairer and more inclusive admission process.

By removing the CUET UG requirement, the union aims to make the admissions system more accessible, ensuring that all students, regardless of their geographic location or financial situation, have an equal opportunity to secure a place at the university. The proposal is seen as a step towards creating a more equitable educational environment.

The NTA has yet to respond to this request, but the union remains hopeful that their concerns will be addressed to benefit the broader student community.

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