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"Barak Valley Landslides Cause Major Disruptions: Silchar-Guwahati Route Blocked, Travel and Supply Chains Impacted"

The heavy rain and landslides in the Barak Valley have caused significant disruptions in the region, affecting various modes of transportation. The Silchar-Guwahati route, which is a crucial corridor for movement between the two major cities, has been blocked by landslides. This has resulted in severe traffic woes and disruptions, bringing road traffic to a standstill.

The challenges extend beyond just road transport. Train services have also been canceled, making it even harder for people to travel between Silchar and Guwahati. This affects commuters, travelers, and businesses that rely on the rail network for transportation.

Furthermore, the cost of air travel has become a concern for many residents. With other modes of transport being disrupted, those who need to travel urgently are facing expensive airfare, making air travel less accessible for the general population.

The isolation caused by the blocked roads and other transport disruptions poses risks for the community. There is a potential threat to the availability of essential supplies such as food and medicine, which rely on these routes for delivery. In addition, emergency services may find it challenging to reach those in need.

Efforts are likely underway to clear the landslides and restore transportation links, but the process could take time given the extent of the damage. In the meantime, residents and travelers are advised to stay updated on the situation and exercise caution while planning their journeys.

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