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Bishnoi Society President: Salman Khan Must Apologize at Temple for Forgiveness

Salman Khan's former partner has publicly called for the Bishnoi community to forgive the actor for his involvement in the blackbuck poaching case. In response, the president of the Bishnoi Society stated that the community would consider forgiving Salman Khan only if he personally visits their temple, seeks an apology, and commits to the protection of wildlife.

The blackbuck poaching case, a long-standing issue, has been a point of contention between the actor and the Bishnoi community, who hold the blackbuck as sacred. The community leader emphasized that a sincere apology at their temple and a pledge to support wildlife conservation efforts are essential steps for reconciliation.

Meanwhile, recent developments in an unrelated investigation have drawn further attention to Salman Khan. Authorities have made an arrest in connection with a shooting incident at the actor's residence. The investigation is ongoing, adding to the actor’s current challenges.

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