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"Debangana Saha Makes History as World Karate Champion at Budokan Cup"

"Hunaar ki kaha umaar"

Seven-year-old Debangana Saha from Silchar, Assam, made history by winning the title of World Champion in the 7-10 years age group at the prestigious Budokan Cup in Dubai. Representing India for the first time in an international karate competition, Debangana displayed outstanding skill and determination. She competed in both Kata and Kumite categories and won Double Gold, establishing herself as an emerging star in the world of karate.

Debangana's journey to victory was inspiring. In her first match against a Kazakhstani opponent, she achieved an impressive 8-0 score, showcasing her abilities and agility on the mat.

Her skills were further highlighted in the final match against a UAE contender, where she won convincingly with a 6-0 score. Remarkably, none of her opponents managed to score a single point against her throughout the championship, demonstrating her excellent defensive skills and strategic abilities.

Debangana's success has brought pride and joy to her hometown of Chittaranjan Avenue in Silchar and the entire nation. Her dedication, talent, and unwavering spirit serve as motivation for aspiring athletes across the country. Returning home with her well-deserved achievements, Debangana Saha is a shining example of perseverance and excellence in the world of karate.

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