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"Lightning Strike Claims Lives of Two Cousins in Dholai, Cachar"

In a tragic event, a lightning strike claimed the lives of two cousins in the Ganganagar area of Dholai in Cachar. The incident occurred on Thursday afternoon during a thunderstorm in Dholai. Dilawar Hussain, 17, and Riyabul Hussain, 14, were on their way home and took shelter under a shed to wait out the rain. Additionally, two other boys were injured in the same strike. The injured were taken to Silchar Medical College and Hospital for treatment, and their condition remains critical.

On May 2, Dilawar and three of his friends were exploring the area when sudden heavy rain began to fall, causing panic and chaos as people sought shelter. The group took refuge under a waiting shed by the roadside, unaware of the impending danger above. Tragically, lightning struck the shed with devastating force, instantly killing Dilawar and Riyabul. Nebula Hussain and Farukh Ahmed, the other two teens, sustained serious injuries in the strike. Locals rushed the injured to the nearest hospital for medical care.

Dholai Police arrived at the scene of the accident and sent the bodies of the two cousins for postmortem examination. The sudden and violent nature of the lightning strike left the community in shock and disbelief. In response to the tragedy, residents came together to help the injured and assist with the recovery of the deceased.

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