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PM Vishwakarma Trainees Seek DC Intervention Over Incomplete Training and Refund Issues

Trainees enrolled in the PM Vishwakarma project at the Sonai center have lodged complaints against Ascensive Educare Limited, alleging significant issues with their training program. They have appealed to the District Administration for intervention to address their grievances with the training provider.

The PM Vishwakarma project, aimed at enhancing the skills of traditional artisans and craftsmen, has been a source of hope for many in the Sonai area. However, the trainees report that their experience has been far from satisfactory. According to their complaints, Ascensive Educare Limited has failed to deliver the comprehensive training and necessary equipment that was promised.

One major concern highlighted by the trainees is the incomplete nature of their training. Despite several months of enrollment and participation, the trainees claim they have not received the full curriculum or the practical hands-on experience that was assured. This gap in training has left many feeling unprepared to apply their skills in the workforce.

Adding to their frustration is the issue of financial refunds. The trainees allege that they each incurred Rs. 4000 in expenses for materials and other costs associated with the training. Despite repeated assurances from Ascensive Educare Limited that these expenses would be reimbursed, the trainees have not received any refunds. This financial burden has been particularly challenging for many participants, who relied on the refund to manage their personal finances.

Over the past three months, the trainees have made several attempts to resolve these issues directly with Ascensive Educare Limited. They report holding numerous discussions and meetings with the training provider, but these efforts have not yielded any positive results. The trainees have expressed their disappointment with the lack of responsiveness and accountability from the organization.

In a collective effort to seek justice, the trainees have now turned to the district administration. They recently lodged a formal complaint with the District Collector's office, outlining their grievances and demanding immediate action. The complaint emphasizes the incomplete training, unfulfilled promises of refunds, and the non-delivery of essential training equipment.

The District Administration has acknowledged the complaint and assured the trainees that their concerns will be thoroughly investigated. The trainees are hopeful that with the intervention of the district authorities, they will finally receive the resolution they seek. They have urged the administration to hold Ascensive Educare Limited accountable and ensure that the promises made to them are fulfilled.

This incident has highlighted significant issues within the implementation of the PM Vishwakarma project at the Sonai center. It underscores the need for better oversight and accountability mechanisms to ensure training providers fulfill their commitments. For the trainees at Sonai, resolving this matter is crucial not just for financial reimbursement but also for receiving the quality education and training they were promised, which is essential for their professional growth and livelihood.

As the district administration begins its investigation, the trainees remain hopeful yet cautious, waiting for concrete actions to be taken. This situation serves as a crucial reminder of the importance of transparency and responsibility in skill development programs, which are vital for empowering individuals and fostering economic growth.

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