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"Track Restoration Completed on War Footing in Hill Section Between Jatinga Lumpur and New Harangajao"

The restoration work of the derailed track in the hill section between Jatinga Lumpur and New Harangajao was completed today at 2 PM. The derailment on April 25 resulted in the cancellation of several trains and the short termination and rescheduling of others. Departmental engineers worked overnight to restore the track with urgency. Buses were provided by the NF Railway to transport stranded passengers, and food and water were distributed.

A team of 300 laborers and 10 machines were deployed to complete the restoration work swiftly. Sabyasachi De, the Chief Public Relations Officer (CPRO), informed Barak Bulletin about the completion of the restoration work on Friday. A note shared by the CPRO stated, “Due to the derailment of loco no. 69032 of BCNHLE at KM 110/7 between Jatinga Lumpur and New Harangajao on April 25, 2024, some trains were canceled, short-terminated, and rescheduled. Senior railway officials, including the General Manager of NF Railway, quickly arrived at the site with resources and initiated work despite the heavy rainfall in the hilly area.

A total of 300 laborers and 10 machines were employed to complete the restoration work. Thanks to their continuous efforts, the section was ready for train operations by 1:59 PM today (April 26, 2024). The first train to pass through the restored section for Badarpur was the 20502 Anand Vihar – Agartala Tejas Rajdhani, which passed through at 3:56 PM,” the note read.

For the convenience of passengers, free buses were arranged from Lumding station to their destinations in coordination with state authorities. Passengers were also provided with free food and water. Around 600 stranded passengers were transferred from Lumding, with the last bus departing at noon today. The additional rush on the route was due to the Lok Sabha election polling that took place today in the two constituencies of Barak Valley.

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