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"Tragic Drowning: 2-Year-Old Ritika Shuklabaidya Found Lifeless in Jiri River"

In a devastating incident in the village of Dighli in Lakhipur, a two-and-a-half-year-old child, Ritika Shuklabaidya, tragically slipped into the fast-moving currents of the nearby Jiri River. The incident occurred yesterday around 11 AM when Ritika vanished from her front yard, prompting an immediate search that revealed her footprints near the river, raising concerns for her safety.

Upon recognizing the severity of the situation, the Jirighat Police were notified and quickly initiated a search and rescue operation. Despite the determined efforts of the State Disaster Response Force (SDRF) and local community members, the initial search did not yield any results, leaving Ritika's family in anguish as night approached. The search resumed today, and the SDRF team found Ritika's lifeless body near Jirighat Bazar, 3 km downstream from her home, on the riverbank.

Raju Suklabadiya, Ritika's grieving father, shared with our reporter, “Yesterday she was wearing her grandmother’s sandals and showing them off to everyone. Her mother was in the kitchen while Ritika was playing in the front yard. When her mother didn't hear her voice for a while, she became worried. We searched everywhere, eventually finding one of her sandals near the river along with her footprints, which led us to notify the police and SDRF.”

Once Ritika's body was discovered, the Jirighat Police quickly responded and sent her remains for a postmortem examination at Silchar Medical College and Hospital. The community is left in deep sorrow and shock, struggling to comprehend the loss of such a young life.

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