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Bhasha Shahid Minar of Assam University Lighted With Candles in Memory of the Victims of Dhola Killi

On Tuesday Evening, the Bhasha Shahid Minar of Assam University, Silchar was lighted with Candles in memory of the victims of Dhola Killings. The Dhola Killings reportedly took place on 1st November, 2018 in Dhola, Tinsukia, where five Bengalis were allegedly killed by ULFA (I). The continuous demonisation of the whole Bengali Community as illegal infiltrators in Assam by certain extremist groups was seen as a reason, contributing towards furthering the hatred on community lines, which resulted in such targetted killings.

Subhash Choudhury, student of Assam University, Silchar while elaborating on the initiative said, "Today, the candles were lighted in memory of the victims of the Dhola killings, the family members of whom still await justice. Back then in 2018, the Govt, the Public Representatives promised to deliver fast and efficient justice and punish the killers at any cost. 4 years have passed by, there is no update on what specific action and punishment has been awarded to the killers of those 5 Bengali origin people in Dhola, Tinsukia. I demand nothing but justice. The Govt, the Police, the Court to deliver the rightful justice for the victims of Dhola Killings."

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