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14 Animals Rescued from Smugglers in Joint Operation by Ashroy Karimganj and Sporsho Silchar Teams

In a remarkable joint operation, Team Ashroy Karimganj and Team Sporsho Silchar successfully rescued 14 animals from smugglers, preventing their illicit trafficking. The coordinated effort, which took place yesterday, was praised for its efficiency and the collaboration between various law enforcement and animal welfare groups.

The operation was meticulously planned following a tip-off about a smuggling ring operating in the region. Acting on this intelligence, members of both teams worked in unison to track and intercept the smugglers before they could transport the animals out of the area.

Key support was provided by the Superintendent of Police (SP), the Additional SP, and the Tarapur Police Team. Their involvement was crucial in ensuring the operation's success, providing the necessary resources and coordination between different enforcement agencies.

"We are incredibly proud of the swift and decisive action taken by our teams," said a spokesperson for Ashroy Karimganj. "This rescue highlights the importance of collaboration between animal welfare organizations and law enforcement. We are grateful for the support from the SP, Additional SP, and the Tarapur Police Team, whose efforts were instrumental in this successful operation."

The rescued animals are now in safe custody and will be thoroughly examined by veterinarians to ensure their health and well-being. Plans are underway to rehabilitate them and, where possible, return them to their natural habitats.

This operation underscores the ongoing issue of wildlife smuggling in the region and the need for continued vigilance and cooperation to combat these illegal activities. Both Team Ashroy Karimganj and Team Sporsho Silchar have reaffirmed their commitment to protecting wildlife and bringing those involved in smuggling operations to justice.

Authorities have also launched an investigation to trace the broader network of the smuggling ring, hoping to dismantle it entirely and prevent further exploitation of vulnerable wildlife.

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