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MP Sushmita Dev Questions DC Cachar's Delays in Providing Greenfield Airport Land Acquisition Documents

MP Sushmita Dev Queries DC Cachar's Failure to Provide Land Acquisition Documents for Greenfield Airport

There have been concerns about transparency in the proposed Greenfield Airport project in Dolu TE of Cachar district due to delays in providing requested land acquisition documents. Trinamool MP Sushmita Dev repeatedly asked Deputy Commissioner (DC) Cachar for the necessary documents but received no response. Dev subsequently wrote to the then Chief Secretary of Assam, seeking assistance. Due to the Urban Flooding in Silchar in 2022, Dev was told the documents would be provided once the flood situation improved.

In a letter to the current state secretary, Ravi Kota, Sushmita Dev expressed her frustration over the lack of progress. She had previously written to the former Chief Secretary, Mr. Jishnu Baruah, on June 10, 2022, requesting documents related to the land acquisition for the airport project. Despite earlier attempts to obtain the documents from DC Cachar, Dev's repeated requests on May 24, 2022, and a reminder on June 7, 2022, went unanswered.

In his response to Dev's letter, Baruah cited severe floods in Cachar district as the reason for the delay in providing the requested documents. He assured Dev that the documents would be provided once the situation improved. However, even after Dev sent another reminder on August 18, 2022, DC Cachar did not fulfill her request.

Dev expressed dissatisfaction with the lack of transparency, stating she is entitled to the documents not only as a Member of Parliament but also as a citizen of India. She included a list of documents she was seeking in her correspondence.

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