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"AIUDF Polling Agent Farooq Ahmed Dies Suddenly at Hailakandi Polling Station"

Farooq Ahmed, a polling agent representing the All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF), tragically passed away while on duty at the Gallachhara Primary School polling station in Hailakandi. The incident occurred while he was actively involved in the electoral process, ensuring proper conduct of the polls. Ahmed suddenly collapsed and despite efforts to revive him, he could not be saved.

The precise cause of his death remains undetermined, with initial speculations suggesting possible heart disease or heat stroke as contributing factors. This unexpected loss has cast a shadow over the polling process and left his colleagues and the community in mourning.

Prominent political figures, including MLA Sujam Uddin Lashkar, have expressed their condolences to Ahmed's family and the AIUDF party. Afzal Hussain, the district president of AIUDF, also acknowledged the loss and conveyed his sympathies to those affected by Ahmed's passing.

The circumstances surrounding Ahmed's death highlight the challenges and risks faced by polling agents and other electoral workers during election periods. His sudden passing serves as a somber reminder of the importance of ensuring the health and safety of those involved in the democratic process.

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