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"District Magistrate Implements Prohibitory Orders to Ensure Peaceful Polling in Silchar".

In expectation of potential breaches of peace and to safeguard public tranquility and safety during the polling of votes, and in accordance with the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) issued by the Election Commission of India (ECI) for the last 48 hours of polling day, Rohan Kumar Jha, the district magistrate of Cachar, has issued prohibitory orders under Section 144 of the Indian Penal Code on Tuesday.

These restrictions have been imposed to forestall any disturbances to peace, disruptions in the polling process, and to avert any untoward incidents, clashes, or violence between groups affiliated with different political parties, ensuring the smooth conduct of the parliamentary election on April 26th.

The order prohibits the unlawful assembly of more than five persons and the holding of public meetings during the 48-hour period leading up to the close of polling.

Effective from 5 pm on April 24th until April 27th, within the Silchar constituency, these prohibitory orders aim to create a safe and secure environment during the election period and to prevent any unlawful activities that may disrupt the electoral process.

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