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"EVM Malfunction Delays Voting at Polling Station 48 in Tarapur"

This morning, when voters lined up in front of Room Number 1 of Nrityamayee Lower Primary School on Kalimohan Road, Tarapur, they experienced delays due to a malfunctioning Electronic Voting Machine.

The presiding officer of Room Number 1, which is also Polling Station 48, reported the EVM malfunction to the strong room. "We conducted the mock poll and then found an issue with the EVM. The problem was resolved, but it caused another delay in the morning. We had to call in engineers, who fixed the EVM. Since then, the election process has been running smoothly," stated Presiding Officer Deepika Singha. She added that the polling agents from all political parties have been informed and are involved in the process of ensuring free and fair voting. In total, 1,037 voters are eligible to cast their ballots in Room Number 1 of the Nrityamayee school.

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