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"Tripura Police Arrests Young Person with Brown Sugar Valued at Rs 1.20 Lakh" - Law Enforcement Operation Nets Narcotics Suspects at Tripura

The Tripura Law Enforcement has reported a successful intervention resulting in the apprehension of a suspect involved in the narcotics trade. The intervention, which occurred last night near Tripura University, was based on actionable intelligence received by the law enforcement agency.

The suspect, identified as Juton Mia, was taken into custody for possession of brown sugar, a narcotic substance. Officer-in-Charge (OC) Ranjit Debnath of Amtali Police Station confirmed the apprehension and stated that the suspect is scheduled for a court appearance today for a police remand hearing.

OC Debnath elaborated on the intervention, noting that the law enforcement agency received information regarding a young individual’s intention to distribute drugs near the university campus. Acting on this information, the law enforcement agency executed a well-coordinated operation that culminated in Mia's arrest and the confiscation of three packets of brown sugar.

The confiscated narcotics have an estimated market value of approximately INR 1,20,000. This successful intervention underscores the law enforcement agency's commitment to eliminating the drug menace from the community.

As legal proceedings commence with today’s court hearing, the Amtali Police Station reaffirms its dedication to maintaining law and order and ensuring the safety and well-being of its citizens.

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