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"Power Cut in Cachar Disrupts Badri Feeder: Polling Officials Voice Concerns"

A Polling Official at Arkatipur Government Senior Basic School mentioned they've been present since this afternoon, enduring a lack of electricity, which could jeopardize the voting process due to non-functional CC TV. Meanwhile, in Lakhipur Subdivision, a sudden power outage, attributed to the malfunctioning Badri Feeder, has thrown several polling stations into chaos just before the second phase of Lok Sabha Elections in Assam. Bappi Das, the AGM, explained that stagnant water may have caused the feeder failure, but assured swift resolution efforts are underway, despite the challenging circumstances. He expressed optimism that the issue would be resolved within the next hour and a half, alleviating concerns about its impact on election preparations. This incident underscores the persistent infrastructure challenges faced by rural communities, especially during crucial events like elections. Despite these challenges, efforts are being made to restore normalcy promptly.

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