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"Union Minister Sonwal: Barak Valley Thrives on Developmental Prospects and Connectivity Enhancements"

In the final stretch before the Lok Sabha election's second phase ends tonight

Parties and candidates are intensifying their efforts. Union Minister Sarbananda Sonwal arrived in Silchar today to bolster the BJP's presence, leading a spirited bike rally in support of candidate Parimal Suklabaidya from India Club Point in Tarapur. Joined by current MP Rajdeep Roy and MLAs from various constituencies, Sonwal's presence underscores the significance of the upcoming polls. With 1,351,496 voters in Silchar alone, the competition is fierce among the three main parties. Adhering to the Model Code of Conduct, the campaign wraps up tonight, prompting Sonwal's timely initiative to engage with voters.

Addressing the press, Sonwal expressed gratitude to the people for their trust over the past decade, highlighting significant developmental strides made in the region under BJP governance. He emphasized improved connectivity and welfare initiatives, contrasting them with the perceived lack of progress during Congress's 70-year tenure. Sonwal confidently asserted that the support he's witnessing indicates Barak's inclination towards the BJP, attributing any developmental achievements in the region to the party's efforts.

The Minister of Port, Shipping, and Waterways highlighted the promising opportunities awaiting the people of Barak in the export-import sector, underscoring their pivotal role in its growth. He also mentioned the ongoing development of a railway line to directly connect Barak Valley with Kolkata, aimed at enhancing connectivity and facilitating trade. The minister reiterated that all sections of society in Barak are content with the developmental endeavors undertaken by the government over the past decade.

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